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Small Group Courses

At One Smart Kid's students climb to new heights on the academic ladder. Limited to eight students, our classes offer academic enrichment and promote critical thinking skills and test-taking mastery in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Custom Courses

Request your very own custom course! Choose from one of the course topics listed below or pick your own. We design programs to fit your needs. If you can dream it, we can do it! There is a 5 student minimum for each custom program. To request a custom course, email or phone us at 415–578–3521. We look forward to creating a course just for you!

Spring and Summer 2021

  • Custom Course Examples

    Climb to new academic peaks with One Smart Kid!

    One Smart Kid’s dynamic custom courses provide students with the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve academic and test-taking success. Our small group courses are designed for students to develop and reinforce academic skills and strategies in a stimulating, supportive environment. All courses are aligned with grade-level common core and private school curriculum standards.

    The Trailhead: SSAT Test Prep
    and High School Application

    Prepare for the summit ahead!

    Reach for the Summit

    Students work toward mastery of all aspects of the SSAT test and leave with a personalized study plan to achieve their personal best. This course includes test-specific math and verbal strategies, vocabulary building, reading comprehension, essay writing, and pacing methods. The last day of the course is an extended session for a full-length practice test. A comprehensive individualized course report, with test scores, will be provided within two weeks after the course.

    One–on–One Tutoring available upon request.

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    HS Application, Personal Statement Essay, Research and Interview

    Through group activities, instruction and individualized critique, students conquer the high school application, essay and interview. Students are guided through all steps of the high school application process, including researching school requirements, brainstorming and drafting personal statements, and practicing strategies for delivering confident, personable interviews. By the end of the course, students will have created their own Google Drive folder to organize their application materials, complete with essay drafts and helpful tips.

    One–on–One turoring available upon request.

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  • Expedition Courses

    Combined Math, Reading and Writing Courses
    Building Skills and Confidence -
    one word and one math problem at a time

    Through an integrated, interactive approach to math, reading, and writing, our courses prepare students to enter the new school year with the skills, strategies and confidence to achieve academic success. Through individual and collaborative group projects, students become empowered to conquer any math problem that comes their way - from basic arithmetic to algebra. As they sharpen their pencils and critical thinking skills, students practice active reading techniques to improve comprehension and develop expository and creative writing skills. Throughout the week students will create a portfolio of their work and a Reading and Writing Tool Kit to be used in school, home and beyond.


    Reading, Writing and Math

    Reading & Writing: Students build active reading comprehension skills and learn effective writing techniques and strategies. Through a guided process of discovery, they identify structure, character, plot, setting, compare and contrast, main ideas and point of view. They create and learn how to use graphic organizers to help scaffold their integration of knowledge and ideas generated while reading fiction and nonfiction. Through writing projects, students learn how to use these graphic organizers as a model to express their ideas and empower their writing.

    Math: Students build on math foundational skills and math confidence as they discover how to solve numeric and word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. As they learn how to apply these concepts, students will be prepared for the next level of math success.

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  • Ladder

    Reading, Writing and Math

    Reading & Writing: Students become active readers and writers through comparative story analysis. Using a scaffolded model of reading to analyze the structure and organization of fiction and nonfiction stories, they explore genre, grammar, sentence construction, paragraph and story organization, main ideas and themes. Through writing projects, students learn how to organize and express their ideas to their fullest potential.

    Math: Students gain familiarity with factors and multiples as they write and interpret numerical expressions through continued practice of foundation skills, fractions, decimals and percentages. They learn how to navigate these concepts and solve word problems and equations. Students also generate and analyze lines, angles and patterns to explore geometry. By the end of the course, our math explorers leave with a clear view of the horizon from the peak of their math mountain.

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    Reading, Writing and Math

    Reading & Writing: Middle school students further develop their reading and writing skills in all genres. Through comparative story analysis, students draw on reading models to strengthen reading and writing skills, including sentence and paragraph structure, scene-building, conflict, transformation and resolution. Structured guidance enables our reading and writing mountaineers to discover and empower their unique, individual writing voices through collaborative and independent writing projects.

    Math: Middle school students continue their ascent to math success as they build on their usage of fractions, percentages and decimals, while forging a path through ratios, proportions, geometry and algebraic equations. They learn how to develop critical thinking and organization skills to navigate and solve complex word problems. Students are prepared to start the new school year with the power and confidence to reach their next peak of math success.

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  • Prepare for the High School Trek

    Get one Step Ahead on the Road to Highschool

    Organization, time management, study skills, reading and writing

    Start high school grade on the right path. This course is designed for students entering high school. From organization to time management, note-taking to test-taking, students hone their study, reading, and writing skills. Our trekkers are prepared to begin their high school journey with zest, equipped with confidence and the tools for success. Trailblaze a path to academic success in high school and beyond!

    One–on–One available upon request.
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  • Trek into Highschool
  • On-Going Tutoring



    Organization, Language Arts and Math

    This unique, weekly academic opportunity offers a personal academic trainer for your child. During each class students will become homework taskmasters while receiving small group and 1:1 support in all academic areas, including math. We will focus on long-term and short-term assignments and test/quiz preparedness while building autonomy and self-reliance. Students will also receive valuable tips on organization, memorization, time-management, and planning. By the end of class, each student will have created a written plan of action for finishing homework assignments. This is a perfect class for those students who need a little extra support with executive functioning skills. Let’s get the job done!

    One–on–One available upon request.


    High School Study, Organization, and Time Management Skills

    This ongoing weekly academic support group, designed for students with ADD/ADHD and executive function challenges, will act as a forum for students to hone their skills while building autonomy and self-reliance. Students will complete long- and short-term assignments and prepare for tests/quizzes, while focusing on valuable organizational, memorization, time-management, and planning skills.

    One–on–One available upon request.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations made with four weeks notice from the start date of the course will receive a 100% refund or the option of credit for a future course, minus a $50.00 processing fee.

    Cancellations made with less than four weeks notice from the start date will receive a 50% refund or the option of credit for a future course.

    Cancellations made with less than one-week notice from the start date are not refundable.

    Please note: If we are able to fill your child’s cancelled spot, you will be refunded your full payment or the option of credit for a future course, minus a $50.00 processing fee.